Cloister Commentary, Day 169: Eat It?

Drove back home yesterday and dropped off my version of care packages to my friends Mike and Isaac in Springfield and made it to CoMo in 2:25. Gotta love that lake bypass, and were the fate-tempter out in number on our waters! I listened to many albums on the road, but most satisfactorily to the album below, and if you need a little tough-not-facile spiritual pick-me-up, click. Ya heard about William Blake?

COVID Curbside Question for the Readers: If you order for pickup, bring it home, and it’s some other cloisterer’s order, what do you do? Turn around, run it back, and get yours? Or accept the imperfection of human workings and just eat what ya got, save time, and let the other guy demand human perfection? We got a vastly different order from ours, chose to just eat it, and damned if it wasn’t delicious. Nicole and I would like to hear your opinions.

Word to the wise who have HBO Max and need some entertaining viewing: try Class Action Park, like we did. That was then, it is more so now.

Streaming for Survivors:

Exquisite. One of the best “bluegrass” / “Americana” / “folk” albums of the 2010s.