About Mr. Overeem


Retired public school English teacher


1984-90, Parkview High School, Springfield, Missouri (above, being bowed to);

With Darren

1990-1995, 2002-2015, Hickman High School, Columbia, Missouri (above, with former student Darren Hollis);

With Gray

1995-2002, Smithton Middle School, Columbia, Missouri (above, before a field trip to the St. Louis Art Museum, with former student Gray Moser).

Also: Extracurricular sponsor

Canterbury Society–a lit club! (Parkview, 1985-1988)

that council

Student Council (Parkview, 1988-1990, above)


The Academy of Rock (Hickman, 2004-2015–above, with fellow founder and former student David Kemper)

Youth Brigade

The T/F Film Festival Youth Brigade (Hickman, 2010-2014, above)

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad (Hickman, 2011-2015, above)

Also: Coach


Basketball (Smithton, 1997-2002, above)

Track (1998-2003)

Also: In-school detention supervisor

Hickman High School, Smithton Middle School (1991-2002)

Also: Spartan Scholars Program mentor


Battle High School, 2015-2016, above)

Also: Professional tutor and college comp adjunct











2013 – present, Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri