Cloister Commentary, Day 300: The 6th Sustenance and Succor Awards!

Every 50 days of the pandemic, I’ve tried to shine light on the stuff that’s been guiding Nicole and I through these ever-more difficult days. It’s hell out there so it’s hard to see that little glow at the tunnel’s rear….


Belle & Sebastian: What to Look for in Summer (this summer? One hopes!)

75 Dollar Bill Big Band: Live at Tubby’s (Big band? Yes, big band!)

Madvillain: Madvillainy (it’s more about heroics….)


Small Axe (a stone masterpiece in five installments)

All Creatures Great and Small (PBS reboot–definitely in our wheelhouse; hell, in our house!)

The Bee Gees: How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?


Mary Gabriel: Ninth Street Women

Wright Thompson: Pappyland – A Story of Fine Bourbon, Family, and the Things That Last

Various Writers: The Decameron Projects – 29 Stories from the Pandemic


India’s House (The Columbia curbside stars of our isolation!)

Bangkok Gardens

Pasta La Fata

I told a friend yesterday: “Great art is definitely the best and most reliable escape right now. It’s really not even an escape.” That, and great food savored in a sliver of time. I hope art and food have helped others, too; feel free to share your award-winners.

Streaming for Strivers:

For my friends Ben, Vance, and…all of us? The most curious kind of bears.

One thought on “Cloister Commentary, Day 300: The 6th Sustenance and Succor Awards!

  1. My award-winners:

    Shelter From The Smoke album by Bill Fox.
    Alfred Hitchcock movies on TCM – The Birds, Psycho, North By Northwest, Vertigo, Rear Window.
    Chuck Prophet’s Trip in the Country show on Gimme Country streaming radio.
    Norman Maslov’s YouTube video series Memories of a Vinyl Junkie.
    Ali Smith’s novels Autumn and Winter from her Seasonal Quartet.
    Lechón Asado takeout from Mojito Latin American Restaurant in Seattle.
    Robyn Hitchcock’s Live from Sweet Home Quarantine concerts on Stage It.
    British Pop Art painter Pauline Boty.


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