Cloister Commentary, Day 321: Have Mercy!

Drove back to Columbia. I tell you what: the album Have Moicy! by The Unholy Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Fredericks & The Clamtones, and Michael Hurley is inexhaustible. Hilarious, cosmic, randy, catchy, subversive, sneaky, utterly original, it might just change your life. It changes mine at least a little every time I listen to it.

Had a reunion with Nicole and our feline falanx. I’d been gone for a several days, and I reallllly missed ’em. Unfortunately, we could only catch up for a few hours, because I…

Did an in-patient sleep study. I felt like a kind of inverted Hellraiser. Didn’t sleep that great–I’m a side-sleeper and couldn’t hack back-sleeping more than half the night; the CPap took some getting used to; my tennis elbow flared up–but the technician (known to her peers as “T”) was from Clarksdale and we chatted about hot tamales, Super Chikan and T’s late uncle Razor Blade, and the difference between here and there. She did a great job working with me and getting me over the rough spots. Now? More results to wait on!

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A Black history monument in jazz.