Cloister Commentary, Day 144: Firsts

Things I saw today yesterday that I never saw before.

1) A vehicle’s indicators all flashing red and orange at the same time (“Fire! Fire!”–not really, but that’s what it looked like) while I was trying to start it: BRAKE SYSTEMS FAILURE! and more. I presumed the car was broke. Alas, the battery was drained. Might Honda have designed a more specific warning message? I’d also thought that I’d see a “jump box,” the likes of which the AAA rep said the tow truck driver would bring. The car was parked nose-first in the garage, it’s a remote starter, and the electronic parking brake was activated, so I could neither jump it nor roll it out in neutral. Alas, after the tow truck driver informed me we’d have to somehow roll it out of the garage, I asked him about his “jump box” and he simply replied, “I’ve got cables.” Well, ok then.

2) An NBA player score 60+ points in a game.
Elijah, I know Dame is your favorite, so I hope you were watching. Long threes, free throws in gobs (made all 18), twisting drives, stop-and-go blow-bys–he even drew a crucial charge late in the game, and the Blazers did win (that helps).

3) A hummingbird dogfight. That’s right.

4) A woman of color on a presidential ticket. Honestly, I had assumed Biden was going to choose Kamala Harris, and even hoped he would (I liked a couple of other folks, too), but my 2020 default mode is “Your hopes are f***ed, buddy.” Anyhow, I am thrilled to be alive to see it, but I want to see more I haven’t seen.

Streaming for Strivers:

Dedicated to my 2020 default mode–all its indicators are flashing, but this recording does have a jump box.