Cloister Commentary, Day 86: Mundane Scintillation

Yesterday was quiet, relaxing, and free of things mundanely scintillating.

Not a cloud marked the sky, and the Budweisers were very cold.

I found myself wondered in passing what man is wearing the oldest active belt, and how old that belt is.

I ripped some gospel CDs to my external drive.

We flipped the house: dog in basement, cats upstairs. Junior is a lap cat to the manor born:

Comfortably uncomfortable.

We watched Spike Lee’s new Netflix film Tha 5 Bloods. After a terrific start, I thought it fell apart, though the lead actors were fun to watch and the use of stripped Marvin Gaye vocal tracks was really effective. I’d read the book that helped inspire it, a powerful oral history of the experience of black soldiers in Vietnam titled Bloods, so my expectations were high. It was also two-and-half hours long. I’d recommend it with the reservations I’ve already stated.

The mint juleps were even better than those of the night before.

Streaming for Strivers:

Always relevant, it seems.

Cloister Commentary, Day 84: The Return of Ponty Apers

Nicole and I participated in two outings, one a sort of outdoor committee meeting at the Hickman labyrinth to finalize some important details, the other a catch-up, hangout, beer-slurp, wine-sip with a dear friend in West Columbia. Lawn chairs and tree-shade came in mighty handy.

We got home and my body twisted my arm (a tangled metaphor, that) and hissed in my ear through gritted teeth, “You will take a nap!” I did.

Just when I get really comfortable with Zoom, the company shuts down a celebration of the Tiananmen Square protest. Remember, the one with the man standing down the tank? We cheered that one as a nation, I think. It was so long ago. I may have to pursue an alternative teaching method.

I am closing in on finishing two series: Chester Himes’ nine-book “Coffin Ed and Gravedigger Jones” Harlem Cycle, and Gilbert Hernandez‘s Love and Rockets/Palomar Stories graphic novels. No regrets about either undertaking: those worlds are fascinating and enriching.

We played Scrabble, sipped mint juleps, cranked up the music of the great Louis Jordan, and just chilled. I cinched a win by adding an “s” to “bowel.” Bastard.

Bess, Susie, Melody, Lee, and Kendra will probably get this, but just before bed, looking out into the backyard, we spied Ponty Apers 🦊. Why yesterday? Indeed.

Streaming for Strivers:

I was once accused by a former friend when I was (politely) unimpressed by his demo tape that I “don’t even listen to rock and roll anymore.” I did, I do, I always will. Also, Black Lives Matter in garage punk!