Cloister Commentary, Day 148: The Old World on an iPod

Nicole and I went on a little ride to get peaches (again) (you gotta have peaches). It was just a 30-minute trip, but the music we listened to again let us imagine we were on the highway to an actual vacation spot like we used to in The Old World.

For vacations, I have always meticulously programmed an MP3 player with fresh music, which we just plug in to the car’s sound system and let rip. But there’s a folder of New Orleans and Memphis music that we have an understanding will never be deleted, and on every trip, at some point, we always migrate to it. It spans everything from classical to rural blues to bounce to swamp pop to brass band sounds, and we never get tired of it.

Anyway, that’s what we picked for our peach run. Simply put, we were able to imagine we might be heading to Como, Mississippi, or Tybee Island, Georgia, or Seattle, or San Diego. Or New Orleans or Memphis. It was very nice.

A few items from yesterday’s shuffle selection out of the folder:

Earl King: “Baby, You Can Get Your Gun”
Jessie Mae Hemphill: “She-Wolf”
The Wild Tchoupitoulas: “Meet the Boys on the Battlefront”
Eddie Floyd: “Things Get Better”
Olympia Brass Band: “Olympia on Parade”
Johnny Adams: “A Losing Battle”
Moloch: “Going Down”
Tommy Tate: “Just a Little Overcome”
Ricky B: “Shake For Ya Hood”
Lee Dorsey: “Yes We Can (Part 1)”
Dr. John: “Right Place, Wrong Time”
James Booker: “Cool Turkey”

Streaming for Survivors:

You can look up the above, or just click here.

Cloister Commentary, Day 138: Takin’ a Ride

Took a ride with Nicole out to get some fresh peaches in the Chevy. Shabazz Palaces and Roky Erickson sounded great on the stereo. We fantasized about making an actual getaway.

Dropped off the recycling–one must get the timing right these days–and finally filled the tank all the way up. I am not used to having a 30-gallon tank.

Realized I needed to say here that I’ve been pushing Mrs. America relentlessly, but Gloria Steinem reminds us of the role of insurance companies in persuading politicians to oppose the ERA, which the show ignores, very unfortunately. It’s still a worthwhile series–just keep that in mind.

S’posed to be weaned off sports but I’m weak where the Oklahoma City Thunder are concerned, and they beat the supposedly mighty Lakers soundly. Chris Paul often gets on my nerves, but he’s a great leader and is still playing at an elite level. And he’s a quality citizen.

Still no word on how either of our schools are actually opening. It’s August 5th. We have PPE on the way and a house strategy, at least.

Streaming for Strivers:

Look for the Bo Diddley beat in all music and you will eventually find it.