Cloister Commentary, Day 224: By the Light of the Moon

We decloistered, threw some logs in the firepot, bundled up, treated the cider, and had a wonderful evening visit in the backyard with Susie Frissell and her daughter (also, my former student, fellow Dead Moon and Roky Erickson fan, and hair stylist) Melody Nicole. We articulated, then tried to solve, all of the world’s problems, laughed our butts off, and ignored the neighbors’ dog, which they left out to bark for 75% of our visit. We definitely need to decloister in this manner more often. It’s been a hard year for all four of us, but in each other’s company we didn’t dwell on it.

Also of note: I do not spend money left over from bills and food on much other than music and books. Readers, I know you’re shocked, but it’s true. Occasionally I will splurge, and I admit to having bought the new 8-CD, 1-DVD deluxe edition of Prince’s Sign o’ the Times. I actually agree that such sets are for suckers 99% of the time, but, hey…this is Prince, and he was seldom more dizzyingly amazing than on this record. The sound’s tons better, the excavated tracks are pretty amazing, and yesterday I finally finished watching the DVD of The Purple One’s legendary 1987 New Year’s Eve show at Paisley Park. Wow. I truly wish we’d had a chance to see him.

Streaming for Strivers:

Memories of last night. Good choices, Nicole!