Cloister Commentary, Day 335: COVID Snow Day

Nicole had a snow day. In a COVID mode, they ain’t quite the same, but I enjoyed having her home, and? She did excellent work anyway! Like 98.6% of the teachers I’ve known, she really cares about her students, and that feeling doesn’t just turn off when she has a day off. On a pretty consistent basis, she makes me wish I was still in the game full-time! Then I remember how I loved grading 125 essays at a timeā€¦.

I spent much of the day immersed in great writing about rap and race. Because Nicole was indeed working, I couldn’t really bring the jams, but I have De La, Stetsa, and Digable Planets in the changer for today. And some folks known as Spillage Village.

Kurbside Kudos to Barred Owl Butcher for their stellar service and their medianoche sandwich, pimiento smashburger, and sour dough bread pudding! We celebrate each other’s birthday for at least a whole week, so it clearly has begun.

Also, thanks to my cousin Jenifer and our pal Isaac for directing us to the Lost & Found Grief Center.

Streaming for Strivers:

So long, Prince Markie Dee.