Cloister Commentary, Day 327: Cookies for Breakfast, Cookies for Dinner

Ate cookies for breakfast.

Went to work, where it was quiet.

Facing a great degree of challenge and apathy, updated my music blog.

Kept abreast of my mom’s ongoing, relentlessly shifting health issues and wished I lived closer. Thanked the stars she has a “family team” in her hometown.

Came home and escaped into Nicole’s hug and smiles, and a book.

Prepared for my own next health “interaction” by filling out paperwork containing the exact same four pages of questions I filled out last week.

Ate “greens ‘n’ garlic” ravioli from Pasta La Fata‚Ķand more cookies.

Vegged out to The Durrells of Corfu, though the science vs. seance episode was deeply welcome.

Another COVID day.

Streaming for Strivers:

A Black history musical griot.