Cloister Commentary, Day 41: In Dreams

Dreaming strangely during this crisis? Me, too. My body literally forced me to take a nap yesterday–rare for me in almost any case–and, even rarer, I dreamed during it. In this dream, I was napping (that’s how much I needed one, I guess) on the couch in our front room when someone I know who shouldn’t ever be in our house emerged happily from the basement. This awakened me (in the dream),and, feeling like I’d swallowed three muscle relaxants, I moaned, “What are you doing here?” The individual grinned and said, “Your dad said I could fix it.” From the TV room, my dad yelled, “Yep. I did.” I got up from the couch as Nicole walked into the room, and I told her, “Let’s go.” We exited the house, got in the car (I chose to drive, which I usually don’t), turned to Nicole and said, “I’m too out of it to drive,” and proceeded to back out of the driveway onto Phyllis and continue backing the half-block toward Garth. Nicole said, “You’re driving backwards and you’re not using the rear view.” I looked at her, nodded, braked, put the car in drive, checked the rear view before accelerating forward–and the mirror was opaque. Then I woke up, though it took me at least an hour to do so fully.

Turns out COVID-19 is influencing many folks’ dreams. According to experts, we dream frequently of being chased, but in this mess’s case we may be deeply unsure of what. In dreams, we may be being communicated solutions to present conflicts by our subconscious. I looked further into it, and happened upon both an interesting article about the phenomenon and a blogger’s project in logging our dreams as we find our way through this pandemic labyrinth.

Streaming for Shut-Ins:

Happy International Jazz Day!

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