Cloister Commentary, Day 46: VHS Delivery

What a lower-case “d” day.

Chilly wind and rain, and clouds keeping most of the day dark. Doubts just clinging: about endurance, about adaptability, about sustenance, about work and when play will return, about the country’s future and our group decisions. Fatigue accompanying a return to earth after a relatively exhilarating weekend. Written communication arrived from Andy Cigarettes, and depression loomed so low to our ground we’ve yet to open it.

This Covid-19 stuff is neither easy on the mind, nor the body, nor the soul.

Some admittedly temporary but very effective cures were available to Nicole and me down in our art vault, and we reached for them. Funny, we hadn’t reached for these in long old while: VHS copies of the first Austin Powers movie and Duck Soup. You know, those suckers were supposed to really degrade over time, but the video quality of these was pretty fab, and of course the content instantly lifted our spirits. The former film still has some years to go to prove itself, but I think we can agree The Marx Brothers are capital “E” Eternal. Those movies and mango popsicles did the trick in the nick.

Streaming for Shut-Ins:

Let’s celebrate another iconic music birthday, shall we? Today will be better, if this conjurer does his magic.


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