Cloister Commentary, Day 61: Mind-Body Togetherness

I haven’t exercised much during this mess, but a) I did stretches yesterday, and b) without really thinking of it this way until yesterday, my writing is getting such a workout that I think it is getting stronger–not so much here, where I’m just logging, mostly, but in my other project. Funny how that happens.
With some of the bat-shit craziness flying around, I wonder if one day I will take incoming for simply indicating I am cloistering. Some will need to look that word up.
The on-line summer comp class I’m teaching for Stephens is a go. My students will mostly be incoming Stephens freshmen and possibly some dual-credit Missouri high schoolers. I don’t want to Zoom MTWTh for eight weeks, but I’ll get used to it.
I will miss Battle High School’s Vehicular Valedictorian Victory Caravans. As a driver, I participated in three over the past week, and they were joyful. We made all five stops yesterday, which isn’t easy when the caravan numbers 20+ cars.
Is there a difference between denying someone is no more and simply reflexively forgetting that fact? It’s almost a mind-body separation issue, and I don’t really believe in that divide. Maybe I’m bat-shit crazy…
Streaming for Shut-Ins:
Musically, I’m still in Texas, though I’ve gone west over the last few days. There are few if any West Texas albums that top this one, especially for top-to-bottom excellence. Killer band, killer songs, killer atmosphere–and an emotionally rangy front man.

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