Cloister Commentary, Day 104: Where the BBQ Requires No Sauce

During the past two weeks, my family has been well-buoyed by the compassionate tradition of friends, family, and neighbors bringing food to a house of grief. “Grateful” doesn’t fully cover our feelings about that. Yesterday was perhaps the most astounding example. I was in the office talking to a friend who had also recently lost a family member when Nicole came down the stairs with a fairly massive package that Fed Ex had just delivered but she hadn’t opened. I shrugged my shoulders in bafflement, and after my phone conversation was finished, I came upstairs to unwrap it with her.

Contents? Only multiple smoked sausages, a slab of ribs and a rack of brisket straight from Black’s BBQ in Lockhart, Texas–sent from the friend I’d been on the phone with! I guess I picked the wrong month to become a vegetarian….

Streaming for Survivors:

Today’s atmosphere.

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