Cloister Commentary, Day 158: The Mediocre Lord

Dude walks in unmasked (the only person out of eight in the store) to Love Coffee Cafe while we’re waiting for our order. Does not smile or otherwise return cheerful greeting from cashier. Makes several special requests with his orders. Seems chapped off he cannot get the light roast he wants. At no time does he utter the words “Thank you” in the transaction. Received his order and leaves without a word.

On the way home, I said to Nicole, “It just pisses me off to the highest of pissed-tivity to watch the mediocre act like lords and brusquely order people around.”

Nicole: “That’s what the mediocre do.”

Right. That response kept me from carrying my agitation any further into the day. I recommend you remember her advice for your own use when such despicable moments arise, as they have been more frequently than usual since they’re being modeled on a national stage.

Items found in my old truck during my bi-decade post-sale cleaning of it: a Snapper IPA can, a battery post cleaner (is that what they’re called?), $3.15 in assorted change, a burned MP3 disc of Jerry Lee Lewis highlights, a mixed metric and standard wrench set, a cigarette butt (I quit smoking on January 1st, 2007), four tire gauges, and some Cornuts. Oh, and a mysterious touch-up paint kit!

I recently received in the mail a 30-cd + book American music project from the creator and author, who is absolute upper echelon in his field–actually, I’d helped crowd-fund the project–and, as I do with every CD I buy (I am slowing down some), I ripped all the discs to my external drive. Unsurprisingly for such a massive project, the tags were in some disarray, so I spent most of the afternoon fixing them. Yes, I am not fully sane. But it felt good.

Streaming for Strivers:

Mr. 5 x 5.

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