Cloister Commentary, Day 189: Always Give Succor an Even Break


2 neighborhood walks.
A round of sitting meditation.
Some firm hugs and light kisses.
Frozen peanut butter cookies.
A cat on the lap.
Some urgent punk rock.
A lit crackle candle.
A elegantly, wittily, slyly written book (in this case, A Gentleman in Moscow).
A small house project.
A large pizza pie from Tony’s Pizza Palace.
A mini-binge of a previously unfamiliar but truly great series (in this case, Watchmen).
3 cats in the bed (minimum).
Sharing of joys and regrets.
Sleep’s easy descent.

Streaming for Strivers:

These days, Lenny’s songs can hit too closely to home, but sometimes I desire that. I’m not masochistic; I am simply often bolstered by direct confrontations with reality, however dark.

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