Cloister Commentary, Day 201: So Nice We Did It Twice

The first 200 days are over; we are ready if need be for 200 more. I really miss the little things that came with the ease and the seeming thoughtlessness of movement; like my cousin Katie wrote to me yesterday, “I took too much for granted.

But: we do what we can. “So Nice We Did It Twice Division”: Nicole and I drove out to Les Bourgeois Winery’s A-Frame again like we did last Wednesday. She’d had a totally draining afternoon at work and almost decided to simply collapse in a heap, but I coaxed her forward and we enjoyed another gorgeous “smoking sundown” (some dark blue clouds appeared to be rising off the orb’s surface) and another sweet bottle of wine (the name Pink Fox gives me pause, but it went down smoothly). We drove home to the tune of the late Reverend John Wilkins’ valedictory album of gospel greatness, Trouble, released by this week on Memphis’ Goner label, took in a couple episodes of Woke, and glided into sleep.

Streaming for Strivers:

Sometimes physical media you pretty much can’t snag you can indeed stream.

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