Cloister Commentary, Day 204: Outside of Dodge

Activities and highlights.

Grocery shopping: I didn’t know Founders Brewery produced a regular ol’ 4.4% lager; I was again the victim/beneficiary of a good can design.

Breakfast: spontaneous–Black & Gold Burrito from Main Squeeze, plus we got the hell out of Dodge before foo’ball insanity.

Neighborhood walk: Very peaceful, borderline warm, got the ol’ blood circulatin’.

Afternoon Free for All: I continued reading Jim Thompson’s ridiculous and riotous Pop. 1280 and exploring unfamiliar albums from music lists; Nicole whipped up some shepherd’s pie!

Mail: My notary lock-bag arrived–so exciting!

Dinner: The shepherd’s pie was too good for me to limit myself to two servings of!

Evening: We revisited Zack Snyder’s Watchmen movie (better than I remembered) and sipped tiny glasses of delicious Five Farms County Cork Single Batch Irish Cream Liqueur.

Now, who won the game?

Streaming for Strivers:

A river of rhythm.

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