Cloister Commentary, Day 236: No Quarter November

November: For us a month of birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. We hope through careful attention we can keep them from being buried by “stress lasagna.” I count at least five layers pushing down on us, plus there’s that thin coating of sauce at the bottom of the pan. And I do believe we are among the fortunate. Sometimes I hold up pretty well; yesterday, I felt so suspended and isolated at work that I could not keep my mind off those layers. Finally, I clicked into a section of a biography of Jean-Michel Basquiat and their looming lifted.

Also, how do your body and mind deal with dramatic temperature swoops? My sinuses go nuts and naps beckon. Once I’ve adjusted, I’m fine, but adjust? In Missouri?

Streaming for Strivers:

Justifies the album title, plus the other guitarist was no slouch.

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