Cloister Commentary, Day 247: Plumb Cleaned Out

Dulcolax for breakfast, Jello for lunch, Jolly Ranchers and popsicles for dinner. A little more orange Gatorade and Miralax for dessert!

On days like this, I’m grateful for a caring spouse, a really good book, and an exciting Chiefs comeback victory. I’m about ready to eat my own hand, but tomorrow’s bounty is just around the corner–where shall we dine post-recovery?

Wish me luck on colonoscopy # 3. My only past nasty experience was having to get stuck in six places before the IV got set; I guess slight dehydration can cause that. I won’t report on this tomorrow as I won’t remember it–odds are, it’ll be a culinary entry.

Wait? Isn’t it a pandemic?

By the way, back to the countdown.

Streaming for Strivers:

Sometimes nothing else works, Ken.

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