Cloister Commentary, Day 259: Check-Ups and Check-Ins

I can definitely understand anyone in our current situation choosing not to visit a doctor’s office or clinic if at all possible. I’ve now been to four different such facilities within the last month, most of them on routine missions because I’m getting older and that and the events of this year are making me more vigilant. I’ve been reluctant, because masks are not completely preventative, but I’m glad I went, because I’ve found out things I’ve really needed to know. I encourage you, if you’ve been holding out on check-ups and such, to visit your health professionals soon.

The capper to our week, especially Nicole’s working week, was a dinner of Parmesan portobello mushrooms, fresh spinach, and sweet taters with cinnamon and brown sugar. Hard to beat! We had a glass of wine and sat down to a wide-ranging Zoom conversation with our friends Rebecca and Frank Pisano. We discussed excellent Zoom teachers, Jessco White and Jimi Hendrix, Hillbilly Elegy and Mangrove, English vs. American Black Panthers, J. K. Rowling and Lee Smith, middle-schoolers and elementary humans, and much more. We were so drained from the rich talk we were asleep about 10 minutes after the Zoom concluded.

Streaming for Strivers:

I, too, am a free-born man. It’s after birth that’s the hard part of the bargain.

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