Cloister Commentary, Day 281: Race and Rear Ends

Nicole and I took another long walk into the Monett country. The sun was out, the temperature was in the 50s, and we covered around three miles. I guess the overall holiday activity had been too much for me, as I went down for a solid nap in the afternoon.

Our good friends Hiedi and Greg Carlin came over for delicious fajitas my brother Brian prepared with fresh local meats, sauces, and tortillas. We gender-segregated out of space concerns and explored many topics. By the end of the evening, the boys had killed the bottle of Overeem Whisky my brother had scored from Tasmania, and the ladies had solved some of the problems of the world. My mom was particularly delighted with the gathering; my favorite part of the night was an honest and insightful discussion of both race and invasive male health procedures.

I knew I would snore, so after convening with Nicole about our regrets, joys, and hopes, I went out to sleep on the couch (I have always been able to sleep on any surface), and dreamed of trying to hug my recently deceased dog, who did not really allow that action.

Streaming for Strivers:

John, I finally got ahold of this. Thanks for the push.

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