Cloister Commentary, Day 292: Many Storm Clouds, Few Rays

What a lamentable day of ominous storm clouds, though it was pierced occasionally with rays of joy and hope. I’ve taught many a classroom full of young American adults, but I don’t know those pathetic rioters with their stupid signs and gear and embarrassing delusions. Well, maybe I just didn’t want to see them–still, something happened between then and now. And yes I know plenty of those sad souls are my age and my parents’ age, so I’m not charging a generation here. I do feel sick thumbing this out, knowing that very little is going to be done to hold anyone who stormed the Capitol responsible; we’re just going to shamble on.

Ok, the day wasn’t completely egregious. Nicole and I were thrilled with the news from Georgia: twins rays of joy and hope, those two. And my mom found out some helpful news about her shoulder ailment. And we traded songs of support back and forth before we hit the sack.

Sorry, I don’t feel much like writing and I don’t know quite what else to say, anyway.

Streaming for Strivers:

I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to cool down.

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