Cloister Commentary, Day 303: Family Football Escape

I spent a nice afternoon with my mom and her friends the Garretts. We were well-spaced and masked, with the spacing retained when we dined on roux-enhanced stew dropped off by Hiedi Carlin. Together, we are getting Mom over a rough spot.

The Garretts are not fond of football or sitting still, but they compassionately sacrificed for the cause, and we discussed many non-football topics. My hopes for a Kansas City – New Orleans Super Bowl were again dashed, and Kansas City’s chances are more perilous than they had been due to Magic Mahomes’ concussion. I’m not keen on planting in front of the tube for football myself, but these days I’ll take it as an effective distraction.

I was pooped by the time 10 pm hit, but I once again tossed and turned after Nicole and I FaceTimed–the coming week will be fraught with anxiety for us. Since it’s hard for me to squeeze music in when I’m home visiting, I put on the headphones, and some spirit-soothing music from the International Anthem album settled me down enough to sleep.

Streaming for Strivers:

Twice-annual fixation acting up early.

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