Cloister Commentary, Day 331: Valentine’s Day Cold Massa-cree

We didn’t really need another challenge, but we received one. The frigid temperatures plus a mess of snow just made my nerves twist and tighten, as we will be needing to be on the road soon, so I had to fight to just let it go. Can’t control it; gotta accept it. How many times have I said that to myself over the last 11 months?

Valentine’s Day, in spite of the winter blast, was nice. My mom is still struggling post-severe-UTI–but she’s inching her way back to health. Nicole made a terrific chicken stew for lunch (a perfect combatant against the weather), and I whipped up bacon and eggs (scrambled in the grease) and English muffins for dinner. We all read a bit in the afternoon, and enjoyed our usual PBS Sunday Night via an episode a piece of The Durrells and All Creatures. I’ve never read the latter’s source book by James Herriot, but–call me a sentimental old fluff–I think I’m going to have to. I’d hoped to catch the Lakers-Nuggets game but the wind had died behind my sails. Bottom line: I was locked in with my two favorite ladies on February 14th, and that was just right.

But…in a different reality…this morning it would have been nice to wake up in The City That Care Forgot. Happy Lundi Gras.

Streaming for Strivers:

I’m sending this, the first commercial recording to feature Mardi Gras Indian chants, out to Marsha and Tom. Bon ton roulez, y’all–two more days til ya gotta clamp down!

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