Cloister Commentary, Day 357: Forming the Yin-Yangs

As rain, clouds, and cold descended, we attempted to weather it sans heater. Or rather, I did, as Nicole was relatively warm at work. Thermal underwear and an extra pair of socks got me to her quitting time; the cats either formed yin-yangs or crawled under comforters. The chill did keep me alert enough to finish Hari Kunzru’s Red Pill, or as I now like to think of it, Dread Pill. Not sure whether I’d recommend it other than if you enjoy being aggressively sobered (and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout hooch).

Activities: after our terrific experience with the film Babylon, Nicole requested a reggae playlist on her Spotify account (particularly peopled with the women of reggae), and I obliged, unsurprisingly ending up listening to reggae myself all day. I was reminded once again that NOT EVERYTHING IS STREAMING.

After a Shakespeare’s pizza and salad, we had another delightful Zoom with Frank and Rebecca Wimer-Pisano. We like to gab about movies; under discussion last night were Nomadland, Moonlight, and the new Billie Holiday biopic. Rebecca’s new name for KFC nearly brought us tears of laughter.

Full justice for Breonna Taylor!

Streaming for Strivers:

Nyabinghi-powered goodness from an early Rasta too-soon-departed.

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