Cloister Commentary, Day 108: Leftover Heaven

Projects: Nicole worked on coronavirus piñatas, I nerdily transferred files from my old 2T external drive to my new 4T (some accomplishment, and yes it’s backed up in that cloud over there).

Interactions: We Zoomed with our inspirational comrades Jill, Rex, Isaac, and Michael in the afternoon, sipping on dirty martinis and getting down to the real nitty gritty.

Dining: “Leftover Heaven” – spaghet, Parmesan chicken, tres leches cake. Times are rough, but sometimes I must say, “I got it made!”

Media: James McBride’s new book Deacon King Kong is a danged hoot; if you’ve never encountered the great blues singer and guitarist Otis Rush, please YouTube him; and, I don’t know about you, but for us Jaws never gets old–in fact, right now, it’s too close for comfort. “Farewell and ado / Ye fair Spanish ladies….”

Streaming for Strivers:

Sometimes you have to blow out the cobs.

Cloister Commentary, Day 91: California, OK!

My Thursday classes are open Zooms: they serve as opportunities for one-on-one tutoring, clarification on coming assignments and grades, testing out fresh writing on me–basically anything related to comp. Three of my students hail from California, all of them are thriving, and one of them always takes advantage of Thursdays. She’s a delight, she always asks the best questions, and despite taking FOUR classes this summer, she is always full of cheer. My favorite quote from her yesterday? “Mr. Overeem, I LOVE writing!” She’s an equine studies major, too!

I have too many books on my stack, but that didn’t stop me from picking up National Book Award winner James McBride’s new one, Deacon King Kong, and, with Nicole, starting the audiobook of Marjorie J. Spruill’s Divided We Stand, one of the guides for the creators of Hulu’s Mrs. America. I know you were hoping I wouldn’t mention that again. It’s that good.

Amazingly, I handled a power drill and didn’t affix myself to the deck’s latticework, upon the posts of which I installed some doo-dads so Nicole could string some colored lights (we call ’em “joy lights”). I earned two fingers of Four Roses to back my cold beer.

Have a great Juneteenth tomorrow, and if you’re not sure about it, look it up!

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Pre-U.S. release Wailers with Scratch on the sliders and knobs.