Cloister Commentary, Day 108: Leftover Heaven

Projects: Nicole worked on coronavirus piñatas, I nerdily transferred files from my old 2T external drive to my new 4T (some accomplishment, and yes it’s backed up in that cloud over there).

Interactions: We Zoomed with our inspirational comrades Jill, Rex, Isaac, and Michael in the afternoon, sipping on dirty martinis and getting down to the real nitty gritty.

Dining: “Leftover Heaven” – spaghet, Parmesan chicken, tres leches cake. Times are rough, but sometimes I must say, “I got it made!”

Media: James McBride’s new book Deacon King Kong is a danged hoot; if you’ve never encountered the great blues singer and guitarist Otis Rush, please YouTube him; and, I don’t know about you, but for us Jaws never gets old–in fact, right now, it’s too close for comfort. “Farewell and ado / Ye fair Spanish ladies….”

Streaming for Strivers:

Sometimes you have to blow out the cobs.

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