Cloister Commentary, Day 107: Lazy Susan

We enjoyed our usual July 4th with good food and movies. Nicole’s Aunt Cathy recently sent her a neat old Lazy Susan that Nicole’s late grandma used for years, which inspired Nicole to make a killer taco spread, an ingredient in each of the many compartments. I kept spinning to the roasted corn, avocado, and–yes–the Sweet Earth plant-based ground “beef.” I had five, I think, so one can reason they were very good.

As far as movies went, we were supposed to watch one of my choice as well as one of Nicole’s, but we were so entertained by It Happened One Night (I hadn’t seen it since ’84) that we bounced to Red Dust (Jean Harlow–damn!!!) and The Philadelphia Story. There will be other nights for The Battle of Algiers. Maybe tonight?

Three outdoor notes: 1) I never did like fireworks, really. They’re right up there on my short public pet peeve list next to tinted windows, Bluetooth telephone headsets, attempted personalized license plates, and mega-bass car stereos. 2) I have and will always hate Japanese beetles. Bastards. Bastards!!! 3) I am once again earning my reputation as “The Cat Whisperer,” as I’m THIS close to luring a new but embattled and sad little tabby stray close enough to snag him and get him help. We call him “Bruiser,” but he is the most bedraggled, beat-down feline I’ve seen in ages.

Streaming for Strivers:

A bit of a talented cast on this album.

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