Cloister Commentary, Day 18: Escape to Reality

If you’ve not read Richard Russo, I strongly recommend you do. Known best, perhaps, for the novels Empire Falls (which I’m currently reading) and Nobody’s Fool, he is expert at chronicling small town life in our modern world and–especially–capturing the subtleties of human interaction. Very, very funny, observant, and wise, his work is an excellent opportunity for the reader to, for change, escape back INTO face-to-face community.

You will not surprised that we are trying our best to support book and music stores remotely. We received a package yesterday from Lafayette’s fantastic, big-hearted Lagniappe Records, which specializes in items from the deep well of Louisiana sounds. Check ’em out on IG–you may find yourself helpless to order.

Wasn’t that a classic “Better Call Saul” episode? (This link includes spoilers.)

Our dog Louis is currently plagued by something around his butt area that I don’t want to look at closely (even if I could–it’s obscured by fur), so he wears a small donut collar during the day, then a bigger Elizabethan collar at night (because he’s figured out a way to get around the donut when we’re asleep). It seems too minor to bother our vet about, but he’s damn restless, so I’m sleeping out in the living room with him, where his “nook” causes him to calm down. The things we do for love…

Streaming for Shut-Ins:

Speaking of Louisiana music? A full album of it for you (full of rhythm and hijinks, that is).

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