Cloister Commentary, Day 34: Cat Fights

A quiet, shoulder-to-the-wheel day. Nicole had three Zoom meetings and I edited two student’ papers remotely. We received a delicious pastry ‘n’ soup delivery from Love Coffee, via our old Hickman comrade Karen Morgan, and ran some books out to our old friends Dennis and Denise Ferguson. Nicole broke up a big (literal) cat fight in the front yard, and we watched an iteration of the political cat fight ploy in an episode of Mrs. America. Finally, after a great five-day run, the big plate of delicious spinach lasagna Nicole baked is no more.

It was our Uncle John Waters’ birthday, but we’ll have to celebrate it belatedly along with Wild Bill Shakespeare’s today. We’d also planned to throw a listening party for ourselves with Charles Mingus’ The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, revered in this house, but we were too focused otherwise.

Some very good news: Missouri’s governor granted well-earned clemency to Columbia businessman Dimetrious Woods, and our longtime heavy-rotation punk rock faves X released their first album of new material in many a moon. Reputedly, these things come in threes, but lately one might next expect a kick in the teeth…

Streaming for Shut-Ins:

You think you’re well-dressed?

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