Cloister Commentary, Day 113: Advice from the Unwise

When writing to inmates, take special care in comparing COVID-19 realities. Some similarities exist, but far more differences provide dramatic contrast. That paragraph will be a booger.

When dealing with the paperwork after a loved one passes, never say aloud, “Well, that was the last!” When we arrived at my mom’s, the entire surface area of my brother’s old bed was covered with more. I knew better.

When wearing your dad’s old jeans, for chrissakes use a belt or suspenders. I’ve put on 10 pounds of rona/grief weight, which tends to push jeans down my non-existent butt. They fit great three weeks ago, but when I found myself with both hands occupied at the grocery store, I had to use my lower back muscles to keep from exposing myself, and they are screaming today.

When preparing to watch the brilliant Disney + version of Hamilton, it’s best not to add a shot of tequila to one’s second glass of Salvador’s Top Shelf Pre-Mixed Margarita. I feel asleep precisely before and woke up precisely after the climactic duel. I had seen it live at The Fabulous Fox a few years ago, but in some ways this version is more moving.

When trying to massage your injured pride after falling asleep on a masterpiece, try asking your fellow viewers if they want to watch an episode of Kath & Kim. It works!

Streaming for Survivors:

“When life looks like Easy Street / There is danger at your door.”

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