Cloister Commentary, Day 195: Discophilic Colonial Holdout

Nicole went in to work in her room yesterday, so I put some music scribbling work in–this double-blogging ain’t easy! I got fairly lost in the process; for as much time as I spend trying to decide the fate of these thousands of records, I sure do still enjoy having them at my fingertips, in the highest fidelity, organized, and in my eyeline. I suppose one could argue that all that nails me as a colonial holdout–I couldn’t really disagree. But I’m gonna sing in those chains like the sea, I guess, for the time I have left. Also, streaming ain’t that fun, it’s a tsunami to drown rather than lift you, and not everything is streaming, anyhow.

Columbia Housewashing, a local veteran-owned business, did a spectacular job on our two-years-dingy house (and on on our driveway–no worries, London, all is forgiven!) (and on our white plastic lawn chairs). The owner, Nic Thompson, was affable, diligent, and full of helpful future advice, and his wife Ashley
stopped just before he finished to make sure he didn’t miss a spot! Seriously, though, she, being a survivor of one of my Brit Lit classes and the Kewpie Gauntlet (OH-SEVEN!), wanted to say hello to me and introduce me to their cute tow-headed, blue-eyed child Levi. I will be employing Nic again, and I suggest you think about doing so, too,should you need that. His fee is quite reasonable.

We fell right to sleep, but suddenly, at around 12:30, I was awakened by the whistling of incoming text messages–Nicole had forgotten to silence her phone. Given the way things have been going on our live, I snatched my own phone up to see if something urgent was needing our attention, but it just fake news.

Streaming for Strivers:

For Jeffrey Melnick–“Wine is red / Poison is blue / Strychnine is GOOD / For what’s ailin’ you!”

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