Cloister Commentary, Day 249: Sip, Bicker, Banter, and Clown

Yesterday was Nicole’s last day of teaching before a five-day holiday break. I am happy to have her with me during those days relatively undistracted; we are not able to travel under these circumstances, and though we have spent more time in each other’s presence this year than in any of the 30+ years we’ve been together, I will really need her, and I suspect she won’t mind having me doggedly by her side.

While she taught, I read a terrific graphic novel by Mark Russell, Steve Pugh, and Chris Chuckry, Billionaire Island. It’s around 150 pages long, but I don’t think I even shifted my ass on the couch between the first and last of them. Stunning, unsparing–yeah, unsparing, especially for the reader–and relevant.

We had simple ol’ baked taters for dinner, and with drinks in hand (we would learn that was perfectly appropriate), we watched William Powell and Myrna Loy sip and banter and bicker and clown their way through The Thin Man. Not the most fantastic movie ever filmed, but their chemistry was worth it.

The countdown continues.

Streaming for Strivers:

Wish I was. Will be there in spirit.

Also, this player is 50 years gone as of today but what he left behind still cuts to the heart. This recording is from before his breakthrough but I treasure it.

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