Cloister Commentary, Day 263: A Toast to Lynda Jo

On yesterday’s day of the year, December 8, we always take time to remember Nicole’s mom Lynda Jo Evers. She passed away on that day in 2013 after a difficult but heroic battle with Stage 4 glioblastoma. What we usually do is do something she loved to do: go out to Les Bourgeois Bistro and get a riverside window or catch a movie in her wheelhouse, for example. But these are not the days for those. We simply sat at the kitchen table after Nicole finished teaching and drank an Old Fashioned toast to her. That cocktail was her favorite, and her daughter mixed up maybe the best one I ever tasted. We miss that woman deeply. She was hard-working (she was a nurse and had just retired), kind, accepting, very funny–and she had her politics straight.

Streaming for Strivers:

I was sipping my drink and browsing through a reference book (that’s how I relax) when I realized I needed to catch up with this master singer. Would you care to join me? There are a few instrumentals on this album, but the band’s sharp.

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