Cloister Commentary, Day 265: Undone

It is hard to write these on the road (so to speak). I’m out of my routine, and, because I prefer to write via smartphone–I have my reasons–it can seem to those unaware of my mission that I’m simply phone-obsessed and messaging obsessively and mindlessly. Thus, like today, I feel late, late, to a very important date.

My mom and I had pork loin, mac and cheese, and salad for dinner, then binged the entire Amazon Prime Series The Undoing. It was suspenseful and grizzled Hugh Grant is an amusing sight, but I was distracted constantly by Nicole Kidman’s complete inability to keep her Australian accent in check. Why couldn’t her character just have spoken that way? The movie felt no reason to explain why Grant’s character was English. It was embarrassing, but the Monett Margaritas (aka “The Basquiats”–did you know when Jean-Michel was in Europe he relentlessly tried to teach bartenders how to make them?) allowed me to just regard them with humor.

Nicole sent me pics of her kitchen projects. That really helped me not miss her.

One of my favorite little routines of the pandemic has come at the suggestion of my former student and current good friend Nathan Ferguson. Every Friday, we trade Apple Music recommendations via IM, with a brief explanation and / or justification. I spent some enjoyable moments last night plotting what I’d send him today. He’s sent me to some cool stuff, plus he’s just smart. I’ve come to the conclusion he was too quiet when he was in my classroom and needed to have held my feet to the fire more frequently. As teachers, though, we can’t have everything.

Streaming for Survivors:

A man can dream. I’m ready. I’ve been ready.

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