Cloister Commentary, Day 266: Three Gifts

Helped Mom yesterday deal with some arthritic pain. We had a great experience with health professionals here in Monett: a quick and clear diagnosis, and treatment that was fairly immediately effective. I’m very thankful for frontline workers. Very.

We received a visit from longtime family friend Phyllis Garrett. She regularly checks on Mom, and since I’m normally over three hours away, that is a comfort. Phyllis’ love, concern, and good humor is a gift.

After lasagna and salad, we watched two productions I was skeptical about: Hillbilly Elegy and (a few episodes of) Schitt’s Creek. The book from which the former was adapted was a best seller, but a few reviews I’d read convinced me to skip it (I read What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia instead). Nicole and I had previously sampled the latter (Catherine O’Hara? Chris Elliott? Eugene Levy? How could it miss?) and were left somewhat cold. However, enthusiastic urging by our friends Frank and Rebecca Wimer-Pisano and my suspicion Mom would be interested prompted me to give both a whirl–and we very much enjoyed them! Maybe the movie improved on the book, though judging from the first three episodes of the comedy series, it needs a little more Chris Elliott.

Streaming for Strivers:

Last notes before bed last night.

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