Cloister Commentary, Day 273: Watermelon Sky

Question for my friends who are wild about music: Name an artist or act that it took you considerable time to open up to and appreciate. I’ll go first: Belle and Sebastian!

Highlights of the day…

Taking an early morning walk under a watermelon sunrise and talking, just talking.

Putting holiday cards in the mail, then checking the “Informed Delivery” app and seeing cards from two of the addressees were on their way to our mailbox.

Enjoying, vicariously, Nicole’s Zoom happy hour / TGIF with her friends and colleagues.

Wearing out our kitten by making him run up and down the stairs after his current favorite gross toy (an aluminum foil ball).

Seeing Kevin The Durantula back on the court again, hitting dagger jumpers, slicing through the lane, and disrupting the opponent’s offense. Hello Brooklyn!!!

Drinking a cold Tecate with lime and salt backed by a small pour of tequila.

Sleeping straight through the night….

Streaming for Strivers:

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…

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