Cloister Commentary, Day 274: Leeks, Parsnips, Cannellini Beans

We took a walk in the morning, which turned out to be somewhat abortive, as the neighbor’s cat enthusiastically joined us for half of it, then–because someone had her dog unleashed–freaked out, so we picked her up and walked back home. At least we got out of the house.

Nicole created a new crockpot dish, a vegetable stew with lots of good stuff including leeks and parsnips, that was fan-damn-tastic! The inspiration was via Betty Crocker, but she improvised, then added some cannellini beans for good measure after we ate to cook in for an hour or so. She also made a low-salt, high-garlic hummus that we pretty much finished off. As Bob Dylan once sang, “I can’t help it / If I’m lucky!”

In the afternoon, we spun a couple great records: the Beasties’ Paul’s Boutique and Clifton Chenier and His Red Hot Louisiana Band. That’s some good sh*t right there.

Evening (Son of Movie Night): Surprisingly strong Ian Dury biopic (Sex & Drugs & Rock and Roll), final, unsurprisingly powerful and moving installment of Small Axe (“Education”)–do yourself a favor and watch that, ok?

Streaming for Strivers:

Man vs. self musical conflict?

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