Cloister Commentary, Day 296: School Daze

Nicole and I spent another nice weekend with my mom in southwest Missouri. Not that we enjoyed it, but we kept our masks on while indoors, as Mom is particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. During our holiday visit, that was also the case. Thus, it was very frustrating upon returning to Columbia that, with Boone County still racking up over 100 new cases a day on a regular basis, COVID deaths mounting, and the district carrying a positivity rate of 35%, the school board appears on the verge of throwing faculty, staff, and students back into in-person learning with a vaccine on the horizon. I clearly understand the concerns of parents that are providing everything they can at home, and I understand how kids from socioeconomically struggling homes are really losing out (they’re also going to be more susceptible to the virus), but on one hand, is it worth even one CPS human being dying or becoming long-term health-compromised as a result of the virus, and on the other, is it really the perfect time for a group of smart, principled community leaders to fold to the often loud and disrespectful demands of an angry group? I think not.

That is all. Oh, it was nice to see the Cleveland Browns win a road playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Streaming for Strivers:

Yes, Ben. It’s happening.

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