Cloister Commentary, Day 312: Listing Through the Day, Part 1

Yesterday really was a slowwwww news day. Other than sampling The Durrells in Corfu, reading portions of six different books, taking the recycling to the center, and going on a Beefheart binge (yes, I’m an old ‘fheart-heart), I was in a bit of what I think they call stasis. Thus, it’s list time.

The 10 Hardest Things About The Pandemic (So Far–I’m Braced 24-7):

  1. Mourning without proper closure.
  2. Missing friends’ handshakes and embraces.
  3. Having to regularly confront how much I am my job (occasional self-loathing and sadness stemming from the fact that I’m not in a catalytic in-person classroom several days a week).
  4. Trying and failing to sleep seven hours / at least five consecutively. (Bad this week.)
  5. Sitting on my ass far more than I prefer.
  6. Adjusting to an almost totally immutable routine (teaching is hard but always unpredictable).
  7. Falling into a self-involved thought-whirlpool far too often for my liking.
  8. Slipping into cynicism about human beings in general (was it Charles Schulz who quipped that he liked people, it was the human race he couldn’t stand? “You stupid a**h**e / Baby, I’m one, too!” – Angry Samoans) since the great corrector (a public school classroom) isn’t available.
  9. Experiencing moments, even days, when I look at stacks of books and records and have no enthusiasm for plunging in.
  10. Resisting the charms of a well-made martini or a perfectly toxic margarita.

Tomorrow: The 10 BEST (?) Things About the Pandemic.

Streaming for Strivers:

Mood these times can bring…

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