Cloister Commentary, Day 351: To Be Old Enough to Have Been Young Enough

Switched to a larger BiPap mask for my CPap mo-sheen and slept like a baby. I know readers were waiting with bated breath to learn of my progress. Now, if it were fitted with headphones I could listen to KPop and JPop. Sorry….

Picked up our weekly Columbia Farmers Market order and overheard another pair of customers talking excitedly about Pasta La Fata: “Y’know, it’s the thing around Columbia!” It IS!

Dude next door was screaming profanities, kicking his car, and slamming and reslamming his car door and trunk. I was walking our recycling out to the truck and he muttered hatefully “What are you lookin’ at?” It appeared I was looking at a cross between Billy Bibbit and Mike Reno. Nonetheless I proceeded to complete my task and Nicole and I additionally took a three-mile neighborhood walk.

Cruised over to our friends’ house for conversation and snacks on the deck. We miss adventuring with Janet Marsh and David Truesdell. We snacked on scrimps and cocktail sauce, peanuts and cashews, and dark chocolate; we discussed the fallibility of human memory, Glenn Gould (David donated a nice sealed item to our collection), the Little Rascals, “cancel culture,” January 6, their spirited old friend Molly, and their early days together in Columbia. When they speak of those days, we always wish we were old enough to have been young enough to have hung out with them then.

Returned and watched the quietly stunning film Minari (see trailer in comments below). It is movie in which, as a cousin once described another excellent movie, “Nothing happens,” but a) actually plenty does, and b) sometimes those are the BEST films.

Streaming for Strivers:

This classic country singer sometimes gets lost in discussions of the great honky-tonkers, but she belongs.

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