Cloister Commentary, Day 355: Heavy Weather Coming

Days of rain coming, as well as several anniversaries in the coming months, not all of them happy. A post by a friend, and my wife’s reminder, got me thinking about getting steeled. I’ve never looked hard at that verb formation before.

Nicole’s been feeling under the weather lately (and the weather hasn’t even arrived). Fortunately, she was able to work from home yesterday and (physically, at least) take it easy.

At work, I managed to set up a recurring appointment with a student athlete who simply needs deadline checks and a sounding board. This semester has been a slow one where tutoring is concerned but this seems like an encouraging way to close it. I was invited to teach summer school for Stephens again, too, so that’s a definite plus.

Taxes are finished: federal “damage” offset by state “bounty.” In an isolated occurrence, I had to fill out a capital gains worksheet that apparently was created by a drunken Rube Goldberg-type character. Line 16 instructions, 1040, if you’d like to marvel at it.

On the way to pick up some food at Bangkok Gardens:, we mused about where we’d dine in when we first felt it was advisable, and when we might feel it would be advisable. We really didn’t arrive at a conclusion for either query. Have you?

Streaming for Strivers:

I’m always looking for more Sonny Sharrock on record. He left us far too soon. Just discovered this this morning.

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