Cloister Commentary, Day 361: To-Do Loo

I’ve been in a real to-do list mode the last few days, but the to-dos have been a mite strange.

Every time my browser of choice (Firefox) freshly synchs, it duplicates all my bookmarks. Having haunted forums trying to correct it, I kicked it to the curb and meticulously moved my on-line life to Edge. So far so good.

Also, as I have mentioned, our house overflows with tomes, so yesterday I hauled a mess of them over to Stephens to bibliopopulate my naked office shelves. (I’d be moving more in now but it’s pouring rain and flashing electricity out there at present.

In addition, I took a community cat we refer to as Crazy-Eyes Killa to The Spay Neuter Project to get her spayed and vaccinated (SNP rocks, and that service costs a mere $25), then set up our garage for her 48-hour recovery. Turns out she was already fixed, and she’s a he. Fortunately, her sobriquet is gender-flexible.

But wait: there’s more!

Do you lose track of services you subscribe to on-line? I refuse to, so I unsubscribed from about $75 worth of services we haven’t been using much.

Oh, and I vacuumed!

Other news: Nicole and I would really like to encourage Columbians to try Tiger Chef for some outstanding Burmese and Thai cuisine. Our recent favorite has been their Pad Thai and Mi Goreng Noodles, both with tofu. Keep in mind that their heat scale is 1-5!

Streaming for Strivers:

John married well.

(6) ONO/Tenaglia – Walking On Thin Ice (Maestro Version) 2016 – YouTube

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