Cloister Commentary, Day 363: Reggae, Chocolate, and Ice Cream

Continued on the to-do tip. House-cleaned, book-hauled, organized–then checked to make sure no one had put greenies in my allergy meds. Check. I plan to kick back tomorrow just to make sure this isn’t a, uh, concern.

You’re tired of hearing it–this is the last time: Pasta La Fata is indeed, in excited pedestrian words we once overheard, “the thing around Columbia.” Last night, we tried their greens and ricotta lasagna and it rocked. We’ve ordered once a week for most of the calendar year and haven’t been disappointed. I suspect we’ll be loyal even when the pan-damn-ic is over. Or if, ever. Sorry for the steal, Hardin.

Movie Night: still reggae-fixated, we watched The Harder They Come for about the 3rd or 4th time. Never gets old! And it makes you want to do donuts all over a golf course in a convertible! We also watched one of the extras from the Babylon BluRay we (we!) just bought, a terrific 45-minute documentary examine the work of my favorite dub poet and musical politician, Linton Kwesi Johnson. I bought some chocolate and ice cream for the occasion (plus our anniversary’s round the corner), but Nicole brought some home, too.

Streaming for Strivers:

Programmed an afternoon block-party of Miss Grae yesterday and more boomin’ from my system this morning. Definitely one of the top 5 female rappers ever, though it isn’t proclaimed enough.

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